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Stripe fabrics

It’s easy to create classic mood by the always elegant stripe fabrics

Table centerpiece 6.

Halloween table centerpiece ideas

Elegant decors for Halloween

When preparing a Halloween decoration, the goal is to create it more scary. Anyhow, classic homes should be decorated in an elegant way for this feast also.
Decorate the mantelpiece, coffee table, shelves with objects which have old mood and fit for the occasion: alarm clock, antique silver and glass candle holders, paper and metal boxes in fitting colors, magnifiers, bird cage etc. Some leather- or linen-folded old books are a good base. If we don’t have these at home, we can even make some by ourselves: cut black-and-white newspapers at the required size, glue them to each other by the edges to get a ca. 2-3 cm thick „volume”. Wrap it with brown paper. Dip it into black tea and let it dry. It will be similar to an antique book without its cover. We can even burn the edges and write the title on the rootlet by a fountain pen.
Make the door wreath from e.g. black feathers which remind us to crows but look good anyway. If the door is too dark for this, then choose white, silver or golden colored pieces. Orange dried flowers and white chrysanthemums are suitable instead of feathers also.
Let’s decorate the walls with unique handmade silhouettes. Cut the profile out from black cardboard and put them on light bases into similar frames. Old black-and-white family photos and anatomical engravings are also perfect decoration elements for Halloween.
Gather old types of keys, the bigger and shabbier is better. They can be hanged on the wall in frames but the smaller can be pinned on pumpkins as decoration too. If they are individually stringed to a black ribbon, then they can be hanged interlaced to the stair-rail or the curtain rod.
Let’s paint some classic bird feeder to dark grey or black color. They will be spooky placed in group in the corner near the door.
Take out the high-heeled black boots and shoes, top-hat and hat fitting in color from the wardrobe. Stuff the shoes and place them e.g. beside the fireplace. Hats can be put even on the top of the pumpkins but they look perfect hanged from the ceiling also. We can highlight these everyday objects decorating them with light-garlands.
Ask for help of an interior designer making a classical effected Halloween decoration.

Leftover pumpkin decor

Pumpkin decors made of leftover materials

Black lines

Highlight important details with black lines, that makes the room characteristic and elegant


Cushions are ideal for creating the mood of a room. With their help we can add color to the space, accent the given style elements and create harmony between the pieces of the furnishing. If there are no suitable cushions in shops for our purse or conception, let’s make the perfect pieces for ourselves. This way the boring or inapposite ones don’t need to be replaced and we can easily transform the general aspect of the room, suitably for example to seasons or feasts.
Use buttons for decorating the pillowcase. Sew a pattern on the plain base using a collection of different sized buttons in the same color. This could be the initials of a family member, a motif of a coming-soon feast, geometrical shapes, flowers etc. The pre-drawn pattern could be sewn with beads.
Don’t throw out the old knitted sweaters and cardigans. Let’s cut them in half below the sleeves and sew the cut side together. Put the cushion in it by the original open end. We can close its edge with big buttons or fitting ribbons, this way it will be easily exchangeable.
Sew ribbons in fitting colors for the palette on the plain cushion. We can create patterns but simply the smaller and bigger stripes beside each other look also good. A silk scarf is perfect for this too if we use it like a ribbon of a gift package. Old lace tablecloths lying in the wardrobe can be perfect decoration elements. Sew them loose, just in some points to the pillowcase, so they can be easily removed before washing. Forms cut out from felt not necessarily has to be sewn, they can be fixed with glue to the pillowcase since their edges don’t ravel.
Let’s pin some of the grandmother’s brooches to one corner of the cushion. They will provide a real antique and elegant look by glimmering. We can use necklaces, earrings and belt buckles also.
Ask for help of an interior designer for more creative ideas.