Color glassware

Glassware made of full color glass nowadays are out of fashion somehow. Although, the beautifully set table can be made really spectacular by using them.


Salmon color is a quite vivid pinkish-orange hue. It’s lighter and darker tones are both frequently used in interior design, first of all as an additional color. It fits well for seaside style, for example. It was named after the flesh of wild salmon, which get their color from eating krill and shrimp.


If there is no possibility to build a permanent shading, a decorative parasol might be the solution


A reclining chair can be graceful and elegant also

Flower decor 3.

Summer flower decoration ideas

Outdoor rug

The outdoor sitting corner can be really room-like by using an outdoor rug

Children’s Day 3.

Unisex rooms for the International Children’s Day

Picture rail

Picture rail provides decorating our home with pictures but without drilling. Grouping and changing them is much easier by the help of it.

Edible decoration 5.

Edible decorations for Whitsun


Decorative playhouses made of ready-made garden sheds