Children’s Day 2.

Very boyish rooms for the International Children’s Day


Amber is just in the half way between yellow and orange on the color wheel. It has rich, warm tone, some of its hues may contain brown also. It was named after the fossilized pine-resin.

Wire basket

Funny, still decorative kitchen wire baskets

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I offer interior design advice to the following:
1. Who plans to purchase a given flat/house and would like to know, how it can be converted upon their requirements.
2. Who doesn’t plan to move to a new house/flat, but finds the current home boring. He/she would rearrange the existing furniture, refresh the sight, but they don’t know how to start.
3. Who exactly knows what and how to change, reconstruct or furnish, but a final opinion of an expert is required for the plans. Together we can discuss the commercial proposals, the plans and designs already made, the furniture selected etc.

Dutch door

Dutch door (with two, separately opening parts) fits firstly to country style houses

Mother’s Day gift

DIY interior decoration gifts for Mother’s Day


Classic Interiors:
– interior design
– interior design advisory
– home staging
– Feng Shui based interior design and advisory
– color- and style advisory
References and further informations:

Paint palette 18.

Green paint palettes ispired by plants

Victorian eggs

Victorian style Easter eggs