Off-white is a shade of white with a few yellow undertone. It used alongside pure white can appear dirty – so, avoid this combination. It is used in interior design if pure white might look too rigid or intense. Off-white is a good complementary color for both strong colors and neutral palette and looks like white. For example, when painting door and window frames, wall panels, mouldings, it is worth trying next to the selected wall color.

My project 27.

Designed for a competition: modern electronic equipments in classic style interiors

Without color orange

Fall decor ideas – without using color orange


Dubniczay-palace in Veszprém through the eyes of the visitor


If patterns are needed but don’t want them too dominant, tone-on-tone is the solution


Collection of stamped bricks in the Tegularium in Veszprém

Flower decor 4.

Autumn flower decoration ideas


When custom framing, mostly it is necessary to create some separation from the art and the frame for the perfect effect. Matboard is used to add this separation. It is made of thick cardboard and its color supplements or highlights the picture. Because matboard is paperbased and usually used for framing works on paper (print, copper engraving, photo, aquarelle etc.), glass is added to protect the finished work from external influences.
There is a solution for arts which matboard and glass are never used for, for example oil painting or relief. In this case, liner is used between art and frame. The liners are narrower than the frame and are made by painting a wood frame or wrapping it in fabric. Linen liners have been used for centuries for oil paintings.

Batthyány Castle Hotel

Batthyány Castle Hotel in Zalacsány through the eyes of the guest (2021)

My project 36.

Designed for a competition: beach style bathroom