Paint palette 25.

Summer feelings expressed by paint palettes

Round table

Although a round table is more comfortable for a lunch/dinner party, it needs more space in the room than a same seats square one

Dog gate

More elegant solutions than a simple grille for keeping away our pets from dangerous places


Chartreuse color is in the middle between green and yellow on the color wheel. Although it is a vivid hue, it’s not very showish because of it’s mid-dark tone. It is perfect for focal points but looks good on big surfaces also. In the latter case, it might be outweighed by neutral colors. It was named after the French liqueur made by Carthusian monks since 1764, which is made from 130 plants and herbs, that gives its natural yellowish-green color.

In use

The used kitchen and bathroom towels can be stored in a stylish way also

For a garden party

What’s missing for a summer garden party?


There is no limit for a really creative interior designer 🙂

Peacock chair

The original peacock chairs made of rattan were made by prisoners in Manila. Its popularity began in the 1920s and lasted until 1970s. It became the symbol of wealth, firstly among the celebrities of Hollywood.

Coca Cola

Really iconic consumer goods which easily can be decorating objects

Garden movie

Stylish summer garden movie