Valentine’s Day decor

Valentine’s Day decoration ideas without red and pink


New decoration idea spreads: Valentine’s Day Tree on the model of decorated faux-pine tree for Christmas

Door stop

The noize and risk of accidents caused by impacting doors can be avoided with a decorative door stop

Vegetable garden

Even a vegetable garden can be designed in a stylish way

Advisory 2.

Interior design advisory, color and style advisory, advisory based on Feng Shui at Classic Interiors.
Even after working hours or at the weekend, when you have time also.
It can be pre-calculated, so you decide how much time to spend with it.
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Umber is a yellowish, dark brown hue. It is made of a natural earth pigment which was named after its source, Umbria region of Italy. Both raw and burnt versions are used. Nowadays, umber brown is mostly used during aging furniture painting method: an antique look can be reached with applying it in a thin layer on a different color base, as shadowing.

Subjects of paintings

A fine painting is always an ornament of our home. Its color, size and style may determine the interior, but it has to be also consistent with it. However, the subject of the painting is defined only by the personal taste. According to art history, the following main topics are distinguished in painting (without being exhaustive):
Landscape: its subject is firstly a natural scenery (mountains, waters, forests, fields, sky etc.), but townscapes, street views and pictures of buildings are in this topic also. The surrounding landscape was frequently used as a background of the real topic of the painting (mostly portraits) in the 15-17th century.
Genre: the subject is the everyday life of nobles, middle class and peasants. The identities of the persons on the picture are not always known.
Still life: its subject is a decorative composition of different objects, composed by the painter. These can be either natural (flowers, seashells, minerals etc.) or man-made (magnifying glass, book, goblet etc.) or a combination of these.
Portrait: the subject is a certain person. It can be a full-body painting or a portraiture also. This was the only chance to capture the features of a person before photography. Nobles always attached great importance to show the family tree this way.
Historical: its subjects are historical events, biblical tales or mythological scenes. Commonly it has a moral message. Although a certain moment of the story is depicted, there are often references for the prelude or the outcome on the painting.
Ask for help of an interior designer for choosing the proper painting for your home.

My project 30.

Before-after photos of the 66 sqm block apartment

Paint palette 22.

Natural, neutral color palettes

Door panel and frame color

Different door panel and frame color – less common, although elegant solution