Instead of a vase

If there is no proper vase for flowers…

Flower decor

Simple but elegant decoration made of fresh spring flowers

Flower arrangements

The flower arrangement fit for the style of the room always takes life and color in the sight and the present season’s beauty can be represented with it also

Flower pot

Are the similar terracotta pots boring? We can make them unique with easy but spectacular painting.

For Withsun

Peony themed decorations for Withsun

Cherry tree

Cherry tree blossom feast (sakura) has begun in Japan. The light pink flowers could inspire the furnishing of a room

Flower patterns

Flower and plant patterns have always played an important role in interior design. In the case of country properties, they showed the outside nature in inner rooms, in urban surroundings they made up for nature. There are almost endless ranges of wallpapers and fabrics in this topic, but there are some which are „evergreen”.
Rose symbolizes romance, femininity and country elegance. It can be found in almost every scale depending on style, from tiny patterns to wall-posters. These not necessarily follow the colors of the real flowers but it is not disturbing at all. We can find a proper accessory even for modern style as black-and-white and stylized (e.g. Macintosh rose) patterns.
The patterns, which depict only green or predominantly green plants are features of country styles, but they look good even in a children’s room. Ferns, topiaries, vegetables and ivy are good examples for this. Jungle pattern is in fashion for 2-3 years, it is used almost in every rooms. The scale of the pattern is mostly big. Green (depending on the hue) is a calming color and suggests close-to-nature. These can be found in „colorless” varieties also which provides wider scale of usage.
Lavender has unbroken popularity as epitome of Provence style. The color is given here: hues of lavender (purple). The scale of the pattern is small or middle. The country effect is evident.
Among fruit patterns there are more which may provide a more playful effect. They were frequently used by pop art, retro and disco styles. Of course, the totally classic variations are just as exciting, think about pomegranate and strawberry patterns of William Morris, for example.
Naturally, there are many other plants among patterns beside the mentioned above (e.g. tulip, leaves, poppy, dandelion and hydrangea). The biggest factories produce same collections of wallpapers and fabrics for harmonizing the furnishing of a room both in color and pattern.
Ask for help of an interior designer for creating a botanical themed interior.

Berried branches

Berried branches are integral part of the autumn-winter decoration. Bright colors of crops look very good among dark green foliage and brown branches. Let’s get familiar with the most common ones.
Holly berry (Ilex aquifolium): evergreen shrub. Leaves are shiny, dark green, wavy edged and spiky. Berries are bold red, which are poisonous for humans.
Snowberry (Symphoricarpos albus): deciduous bush. Leaves are oval, in different sizes. Its crops are in clusters. There are two seeds in every soft, white berry.
Privet (Ligustrum vulgare): this shrub decorates with its leaves. Longish leaves fall only in the middle of winter. Crops are shiny bluish black, they grow in clusters.
Mistletoe (Viscum album): half parasite evergreen living on trees. Leaves are greenish yellow, oval. White crops are fake-berries which are softly opaque and sticky.
Scarlet firethorn (Pyracantha coccinea): spiny evergreen shrub. Leaves are shiny, lanced, edges are intact. Crops are red (there are variations with orange and yellow berries) and grow in big bunches.
We can use several other berried brunches for decorating (Bodinier’s beautyberry, yew, rose-hips etc.). These get dry soon thanks to the warm air of rooms but still keep their color.
Ask for help of an interior designer for the season decoration of your home.

Artificial flower

Qualitative and classy artificial flowers look good in every interiors

Drying herbs

It’s time to dry and store herbs