Provence. A word that enchants most people immediately. Large lavender fields, calm country cottages and millions of hues of white, gray and blue appear in our mind. This landscape inspired lots of poets, painters and writers.
Who wouldn’t like to live in a large house made of stone with blue shutters and a garden? Old wooden furniture, wrought iron accessories and terracotta flooring in the interior and a calming atmosphere welcomes the visitor. The furnishing reminds us to the passing time and eternal values with a worn elegance. We are talking about handmade of natural materials, each of them served several generations already.
Let’s imagine a bedroom, where tranquillity radiates from the painted, but warn walls. Where the beautiful, carved bed and the fresh, embroidered white bedding provide pleasant sleep despite of the warm climate. Where we can sit out to the small balcony in the morning to drink a coffee by the wrought iron table, later we can go down to the terrace to have our breakfast made of local foods and products – sitting on a cosy bench.
In the kitchen, there is a large, top glassed sideboard with two door panels standing near the wall. This is also painted wood, such as most of the furnitures. In the massive stone fireplace, there is a big earthenware full of fres lavender instead of fire. A solid wood table looms proudly in the middle. It is used for cooking activities such as serving the lunch or dinner. Opening the double French door, we can feel ourselves almost in the garden, the whole house is filled by the scent of flowers and the cool breeze.
Unfortunately, not everyone can live in Provence or can buy a cottage there. But we can smuggle the feeling and the view to our home even if we live in a completely different country. It’s all the same we have a floor apartment or a house with modern design, with clever tricks we can realize the mood. Everyone deserve to have their dreams come true – at least this one…

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