Shaker style

The shakers are a religious community established in the 18th century. The members moved from England to North America. They are famous about their love of peace, puritanism and the equality between the genders.
Shaker style is simple, practical and thrifty. All household objects are produced by themselves. Forms are determined by function. Ornamentation hardly used, if they do, they are most often the heart, hand and star motif. Paints are made of natural materials. Most characteristic colors are rust brown, aquamarine, ocher, sage green, claret and beige. Most of the fabrics used are made of wool, cotton or linen, which are simple and monochrome textiles, sometimes with a small chequered pattern. From warn fabrics they sew patchwork blankets or rag rugs.
Furnitures are simple, wooden ones. Door panels of wardrobes have frame insert structure. Ladder backed chairs can be hanged up when out of use. They make wall-mounted hangers on which almost anything can be hung securely. Also characteristic item is the thin sheet box, which has a round or oval shape and requires high skills to prepare.
The function and simplicity oriented way of thinking of shakers can be actual even todays modern world. Kitchen furnishing in shaker style can be a definitive element of classic or rural style kitchens. Placing some shaker storage boxes can decorate a work room, living room or bathroom. Using their color palette we can realize a warm, friendly interior with natural feeling.
Ask an interior designer to help implementing shaker style in your home.

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