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Toilette accessories

Antique (like) accessories for the smallest room – it can be stylish also

The turkey

Turkey is the main decoration motif of Thanksgiving

Modern farmhouse style

The so-called modern farmhouse style, which is so popular abroad since years, appeared also in Hungary. It is not always obvious, what is the difference between this and the traditional farmhouse style.
The main features of the original, classic variation are neutral color palette, vintage accessories, mix and match furniture fitting for country style, which are mainly antique or old, natural woods and rustic mood. On the other hand, the modern variation mixes the elements above with sleek/simple lines, industrial like accessories, uses much more white and tries to reach a clearer look. It’s far less rustic. Woods are not necessarily old, only natural in color. In both cases, spaces are wide and open, the ceiling is high. Beams are remaining visible. The used metal accessories are frequently black but galvanized metal and stainless steel appears also. Furniture are newly made, conjuring up the style and shape of the old ones but in a much simpler way. The total effect is tidy, airy and light. Practicality plays a leading role.
Classic farm style uses more colors, although these are moderated, but they can be mixed bravely. The modern style, on the contrary, harmonizes neutral colors and rarely uses real colors. If it does, they are much stronger (e.g. mustard yellow, ink blue, grass green) and acting as focal points. Shades of white and gray are dominant, which is now fashionable, so the interior looks more modern because of them.
Ask for help of an interior designer for the makeover of your home by new style marks.

Stair runner

Stair runners are not just safe and protect the steps during using them but they are elegant solutions also

For houseworks

Some inspirations for „i-dislike” houseworks


Baby blue is a pastel shade of azure. As its name indicates, it has a strong associative relationship with newborn boys. However, it can be made more mature by combining it with brown, black or beige.

Georgian style

The English Georgian style lasted from 1714 to 1830, named after the four reigning kings George. Its two periods are early and late Georgan, the latter is also known as Regency. Light colors (e.g. powder blue, sage, cream), open spaces and rich ornamentation are its main features. The influences of Classicism, Palladianism and Industrial Revolution are strong.

Kitchen lighting

How to light the kitchen sink at the front of the window

Layered doormats

Layered doormats are useful in a rainy, muddy weather. The one below doesn’t let the upper one move even during a stronger usage. The upper piece is made of a rougher material to remove dirt from shoes properly. Besides, well chosen doormats supplement the sight as decorating elements.