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A today shop can be traditionally elegant also

Hotel Bambara

Hotel Bambara in Felsőtárkány through the eyes of the guest

Powder rose

Powder pink is a soft pastel shade, in the half way between soft pink and light beige. Since it has a “dusty” pink effect, the interior won’t be too sweet, however it’s worth to counterweight it with neutral colors (e.g. grey, brown, white, beige). It was named after the cosmetic powder.

Table lamps

Unique table lamps made of old objects, even DIY

De La Motte castle

De La Motte castle in Noszvaj through the eyes of the visitor

Autumn garden

The beauties of the autumn garden

Useful accessories 7.

Useful accessories in the laundry room

Paint palette 21.

Warm earth-colors for greeting autumn