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Inspiration 11.

Use colors of our favourite photo for decorating our home

TV series 2.

Popular TV-series in authentical surroundings
– Murdoch: Victorian (Canada)
– Tudors: English Renaissance
– Doc Martin: English country style

Color windows

Be brave and choose color window frames outside also instead of the common white, brown or anthracite

Fireplace frame

A readily available fireplace frame can be a perfect focal point also if we don’t want to toil with a real fireplace


The bird in the garden will be grateful for an opportunity of refreshing in the heat. Change the water regularly in the birdbath for avoiding algae and mosquito rearing.

Bathtub tray

A bathtub tray is a useful accessory for those who love long bathing

Burgundy red

Burgundy red is a dark, deep still vivid and elegant shade which contains a little purple and brown also. It is named after the vine.