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Table centerpiece 7.

New Years Eve table centerpiece ideas

Paint palette 10.

Soft hues of pastel paint palettes

Gift tags

Unique and smart christmas gift tags

My project 12.

In full christmas feather

Yule log

The origin of Yule Log as a symbol of Christmas is unknown. in the first written record is in the 17th century. Commonly the German folklore is thought to be its cradle. This tradition is popular firstly in Western Europe, in the USA and in Canada.
In old days, this huge hardwood log was carefully selected in the forest. The log was blessed with oil or holy water before the youngest member of the family lit it. Quenching it or lit it again meant misfortune. It had to burn at whole Christmas night to provide light and warmth. Candles were lit with its flame also. The ash of the burnt yule log was gathered and kept because it was believed to keep the devil away and protect the house from stroke of lightning.
However, huge open house stoves have been replaced by much smaller and closed ovens, so the tradition transformed. The smaller logs were decorated and placed on the center of the set table. Instead of burning it, candles were placed on it and lit.
The first yule log cake was made by a Parisian confectioner at the end of the 19th century which spread soon instead of real logs. This roll was filled with butter cream and covered with chocolate or coffee cream and was patterned outside to be similar to a log. It is sprinkled with powdered sugar which reminds us to snow. It is frequently decorated with mushrooms made of marzipan and holly branch. It will be a showy and delicious table centerpiece.
Ask for advice of an interior designer for implementing special Christmas traditions also.

Floral christmas tree

Unusual solution decorate a christmas tree with flowers but it shows a traditional mood

Chandelier for night table

Hang smaller chandeliers above night tables instead of table lamps

Unusual finials

Decorating the Christmas tree is always a joyful activity. Placing the finial means the end of the job and crowning the tree. Commonly this is a star, an angel or a glass finial. There are of course other solutions complying to the style of the decoration and the colors of the room.
A large, richly tied bow is a good supplemental of the Christmas tree’s ornaments. If its two cords are long enough, they can be even led around the tree. The total effect will be like the tree itself belonged to the gifts waiting for opening.
Winter animal figures could be finials also, e.g. owl, northern cardinal, reindeer, polar bear. Fix it with a wire. Pay attention to its weight, it shouldn’t be too heavy not to pull down the center twig.
The initial of the family name makes the Christmas tree even more intimate. Let’s have the letter cut out of foam, polystyrene or plywood. Decorate it with paint, wrapping paper, ribbons, glitter etc., as we wish. It will be a true family-made surprise.
Let’s decorate a black top-hat with glittering ribbon, holly berry twig or even small globe ornaments. Fix it to the top of the tree, a bit aslope. The tree will remind us to a snowman built in the garden.
Similar to that before, a Santa Claus hat is perfectly suitable also. Sprinkle it with golden glitter after fixing it to the top. If we want to raise the similarity with Santa Claus, place a pair of black boots under the tree, the twigs of the tree should cover the bootlegs.
Ask for help of an interior designer for more ideas.

Color pairs 20.

Color pairs: orange-pink

Unusual christmas colors

Elegant christmas decor beyond the classic red-green-white-gold color combination