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My project 10.

Designed for a competition: antiques in a modern bedroom

Fall details

Autumn is in the details

Autumn crops decoration

People like to decorate their homes with autumn crops, berries and fruits in this time of the year: collected shiny chestnuts in a basket, a bowl full of apples on the dining table or a bunch of berried branches in a vase. However, the treasures of nature can be used in a more creative way, since they make an exciting mood with their beautiful colors.
Let’s paint the acorns with golden or silver paint that the caps should remain in their original color. Put them in a porcelain bowl, so glimmering accessories are gained for the classic mood.
Take off the caps of acorns and glue them on a simple, standing picture frame. In the case of a bigger frame, this can be done with half nutshells also. If they are painted in off-white or beige and then carefully rubbed, their natural brown color can show through and a nice antique effect can be reached. This fits perfectly for the vintage mood.
Let’s make a glittering festive table centerpiece made of apples and pears, instead of a simple fruit bowl. Polish the fruits with a soft cloth. Purchase edible gold foil and apply on the surface of the fruits with a soft brush. It will stick on it unsought. It doesn’t matter if it is not completely covered, moreover, it is more exciting and antique if the gilding is only applied in larger spots. If they are not for eating, let’s glue rhinestones on the surfaces of the fruits for reaching an opulent effect.
Pick a bigger amount of berries in different colors (rosehip, rowans, buckthorn etc.). They shouldn’t have stems or leaf. Pour these in layers in a well-shaped, taller glass pot. Even a tea candle can be put on the top of it or some flower can be pushed among them. It will be a perfect table centerpiece.
Ask for help of an interior designer for creating the autumn decoration.

Color pairs 18.

Color pairs: purple-orange

Paint palette 9.

Palettes of autumn colors

Garden fire pit

Although autumn is here, we don’t have to give up the daily relaxation in the garden. Though the air is already cooler after sunset, the patio and grass might be wet because of the more frequent rain, there are some tricks with which a pleasant atmosphere can be created.
Let’s make a fire pit near the house. Even we can build one DIY made of bricks, quarry stones, concrete etc. Complete it with an easy-cleanable garden path leading to it. If its form, color and shape fit to the house, it will be a perfect accessory which fades into the environment but it can be the integral part of the patio also.
Enough seating place will be needed around the fire pit. In the case of it is sunken in the ground, the rim can act as a bench. Cover its edge with stone or treated wood. Covered with cushions, it will be comfortable for everyone. If the fire pit is standing alone, armchairs can be put around it. Thick blankets should be put on them also beside cushions against cold. Since these can be slippery on plastic, it’s better to choose furniture made of wood or metal.
The portable fire pit is mostly made of metal, it can have open or closed firepot, in several colors and shapes. With this, it is easy to transform the summer breakfast corner to an autumn warming place. Its advantage is that it can be placed anywhere if there is enough space or where the view is beautiful.
Don’t let the autumn rain discourage us! If the wind is not blowing, we don’t have to go inside: parasols still do a good service this time also. Stand some of them above the seats and the fire. The smell of the rain and crackle of logs will be a pleasurable addition to chats.
Ask for help of an interior designer for making the outdoor cozy.

Wooden staircase decor

Decorate the boring wooden staircase with paint, this way it can be an elegant or even a playful focal point

Shower cabin in the focus

The divided metal framed shower cabin is a perfect focal point of a characteristic bathroom

Pumpkin decors without carving

The properly carved pumpkins are important parts of the autumn decoration. However, not everybody has handicraft for making these and somebody doesn’t like the sticky mess connecting to carving.
Let’s paint pumpkins instead of carving. Many of the hobby paints are suitable for this purpose. Even the whole surface can be painted, for example gold or silver color which will be an elegant element. The common grinner Halloween faces can be created also with black paint or alcoholic marker. Several patterns and motifs can be painted with stencils, without any handicraft.
Use drawing pins for decorating. Shiny chrome, brass or even black pins can be chosen according to the interior. Pre-draw the pattern with a pencil then push them in the pumpkin. It is an easy, fast but spectacular solution.
Coat the surface of the pumpkin with glue then sprinkle glitter on it. The surplus can be removed with a soft brush after drying. Patterns can be made this way also.
Let’s use the old laces, color leaves, ribbons, cut paper figures etc. by decoupage glue and decorate the surface of the pumpkin with these. This type of glue will be invisible after drying and protects the surface at the same time.
Use not only orange pumpkins but let’s buy white, green or rusty red types also according to the style of the home. The combination of these makes the sight more colorful.
The limit is only our imagination. Ask for help of an interior designer for unique ideas.

Wine cellar

Wine cellars in classic style