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In the pull of tulip

Table centerpiece 4.

Easter table centerpiece ideas

Colors of 2016

The meeting of the colors of the year 2016 (Rose Quartz – Serenity) and classic interiors

Easter basket

We prepare for Easter again. Easter eggs deserve a proper „nest” which fits for classic style. But instead of the simple hand-basket, let’s seek for a unique one which could be the ornament of the decoration.
For example, antique fruit bowls made of copper/silver are perfect for this purpose. If real grass is put in it, line it with a thick paper before. It is tubby enough for the eggs sitting in.
The glass punch bowl – depends on the size – is also a good choice. If it is made of cut or lead glass, it gives additional shine as part of the decoration.
Porcelain cake stand is an elegant solution. Commonly it has only a thin edge, so rolling of the eggs has to be prevented. If no (faux)grass is put under them, they should be surrounded with flower heads for example, but Easter eggs can be piled even in the middle of a round cake.
Using a bigger buckled jar is a good solution for rustic or vintage style. Just fill it as you like. Small color bucket, wooden bowl or flower pot (even painted) fit for this surrounding also.
If there is only a hand-basket at home, it can be made unique also. Paint the basket in gold or silver color, decorate it with a fitting silk bow and color the eggs with glittering paint also. It’s a more natural solution to cover the whole basket with moss which has the effect as if the eggs were hidden outdoor.
Many other objects found at home could be transformed to an egg-nest. Ask for help of an interior designer to plan the center decoration piece fitting for classic style.

For coffee lovers

Designed for coffee lovers

Door wreaths 5.

Easter door decors – even DIY

Office for men

Lots of wood + industrial accessories + books = home office for men

Color pairs 13.

Color pairs: orange-grey

Bathroom refreshing

Sometimes it happens that some parts of our newly renovated home seem boring. In the case of the bathroom this is even more difficult, because the renovation of wet rooms is the most complicated. If we have not enough time, money or motivation to the next whole makeover, don’t be despaired. If the sanitary and water piping are in perfect condition, we can make the feeling of a brand-new bathroom with some little changes.
Painting is an obvious solution. Not only the walls but the furniture can get a new color also. Laminated and high-gloss surfaces can be painted too with some proper preparations. The shape of the furniture remains but changing of the style will be refreshing. Change the handles for the better sight.
The most economical solution perhaps is changing the accessories, that means also the alteration of the color palette. Let’s buy a new towel set, shower curtain, bath mat, soap and some decorating objects. Cut flowers and framed pictures look good in the bathroom also!
The not functional part of the tiling can be replaced with wallpaper. Although removing a part of the tiling is a bigger and dusty job, it’s worth to take the mess. Ask for help in the shop for choosing the wallpaper which can be applied in a wet room also, but almost all of them can be chosen for a bathroom with window. Let’s be brave in choosing colors and patterns!
Place a striking mirror on the wall instead of an ordinary piece. We can make a frame ourselves for example of shells, pieces of woods or anything else that fits for the style. An antique cut mirror, a piece with ornamented, gilded frame or a mirror placed into a curved window frame could be a real focal point, even in a tiny bathroom. Change the ceiling lamp to a smaller chandelier. This will cause an opulent effect.
As usual, tidying up matters a lot also. Let’s buy showy storage boxes and put the items stored in a mess in them (shampoos, shower gels, detergents, combs etc.)
If you are tired of your bathroom too, ask for help of an interior designer for clever and nice refreshing of the sight!

Open shelves

Open shelves instead of closed cabinets in the kitchen. Order is the key…