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Wine storage

Some wine-storage ideas in classic style

Light up

Dress in light our house in the evening, set it off the surroundings and show it’s beauty

Old lace clothes

Many of us inherited a big amount of lace clothes from our great grandparents and grandparents which they cleaned, stored and starched with ultimate care. These collections contain pieces in several sizes, forms, thickness and colors. What can we do with them if we don’t want to sell them because of the memories? There are many possibilities for reusing them.
Old lace clothes were made of cotton by hand. It doesn’t worth to cut them because they almost immediately unravel. But they are easily dyeable and this way they could be fitted to the color palette of the room.
Let’s stitch the lighter, smaller pieces to each other by their edges and make a curtain of them. It doesn’t matter if the bottom or side of it is not straight. We can make it from even round shaped clothes, the outcome will be more unique. We can decorate the simple, plain lampshade with lace also. The simplest way: stick a narrow shelf stripe lace on the bottom of the shade for the vintage mood. Even the original fabric can be removed from the frame and the lace itself can be sewn to its place, but the lace has to be carefully starched before the procedure.
Let’s sew a patchwork-like blanket from the bigger, heavier clothes. If we don’t have enough for this, we can combine them with any cotton fabric. For example lace inset can be placed as decoration in the middle of the blanket, as overlay on the bottom or as edge on the four sides of it.
Let’s have a glass cut for the coffee table, flower stand or console table and put the showy lace clothes between the glass and the top of them. This way they will be protected from dirt but fulfill their function.
We can hang smaller laces in picture frames on the wall. If we don’t want to alter the white color of the clothes but the wall is white also, we can use colored mat board or ornamented frames for highlighting them.
Handmade objects made of quality materials are always valuable even if they don’t fit to our home. However, we can still enjoy them with a little fantasy, handiness and expending little time. Ask for help of an interior designer for more ideas of reusing them.

Secret storages

Discrete storing of laundry for the next washing

Damask pattern

Damask pattern – classic forever


Mosaic tiles are popular in classic style homes also. First of all, they are used as bathroom wall and floor tiles, kitchen backsplash and pavement of swimming pools. In addition, there are many possibilities for using mosaic tiles, even they are purchased or made DIY.
A simple metal breakfast table can be made unique with covering its top with mosaics. Take care that the result should be as smooth as possible preventing the sway of plates/glasses. The method can be the same in the case of a coffee table or plant stand.
Let’s renew the covering of the fireplace with a color-matching mosaic inset but the area in the front of it can be paved with it also, preventing the wooden floor/carpet from sparkles.
It can be used outside also. Let’s tile the seat of the garden bench, this way it will look good when a cushion can’t be put on it (for example, on rainy days and in winter). Mirror and picture frames, storage boxes, pots, trays, bird feeder etc. can be also decorated with mosaic tiles.
The products in shops can be ordered in several sizes, shapes, materials and colors. There is a perfect one for every style but we can make mosaics DIY by cutting old plates, mirrors, bottles and tiles or even using pebbles, seashells and coins also.
Of course, there are many more using methods. If you like mosaic tiles also, ask for help of an interior designer for smart designing.

My project 7.

My prior work: Two storey family home furniture design – 168+126 sqm
Further pictures:

Thomas Kinkade 4.

Selection of Thomas Kinkade’s winter cityscapes


Light is a very important part of our home, so we need to spend time for designing the amount and quality of lighting. The sizes and numbers of windows, the orientation and the light required by the activity in the room are all should be considered.
General lighting means using diffuse light in the room. The task is replacing the natural daylight in this case. Ceiling lamps and chandeliers are suitable for this.
The main role of local lighting is supplying the working area (e.g. desk, kitchen countertop, reading armchair) with proper light. This mostly has controllable angle.
With mood lighting we can highlight some interesting details of the space (e.g. painting, plant, niche) or a moderated lighting can be provided which is used only for chasing away darkness. Modern LED stripes can be used for this which can be hidden, this way only their light can be felt indeed but a decorative floor lamp or a picture lamp can have this function also.
The role of safety lighting is informing and guiding us in the dark. In the case of a home, this can be for example lighting of stair steps, the edge of swimming pool and the drive-in way.
When using artificial lights, it should be considered whether applying cold or warm light.. In the case of modern bulbs or LEDs, the light can be cold white which is not always proper, because it can make the space unfriendly. That’s why it’s worth to use warm lighting at home which results a pleasant atmosphere.
Always take care of the colors of the floor and walls when choosing lamps and light-sources because dark hues absorb light better and need more intensive lighting. The lamps with lampshades always give more moderated light. Those with crystals and glass parts disperse the light more.
The numbers, places and types of switches and sockets have to be planned in time also, thinking over the way of life and the habits.
Ask for help of an interior designer for making the lighting-plan perfect to your home.

Color pairs 11.

Color pairs: purple-grey