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Old postcards 4.

Halloween on old postcards

Barn doors inside

Nowadays beloved solution to use old barn doors as interior partitioners

Small entrance hall

The entrance hall is a frequently neglected area in an apartment.  It is often meager for getting the rest of the flat/house bigger. Although our gests see this first, so the apercu is given by this, we frequently don’t pay enough attention to it. It is rather a dump or a transition zone which doesn’t seem to be important. How can we make this room – which reflects our style – brilliant?
Let’s think it over for what purpose we will use it: taking on shoes and coat before leaving and taking them off at arriving, putting down keys and bags, storing wet umbrellas, welcoming guests. For these we will need: seating place, a smaller table or chest of drawers, umbrella stand, shoe store and a durable rug. Using space well is the most important. There is not always enough space for a wardrobe that hides everything. What can we do then? An entryway bench built with a hanger could be a perfect solution. Shoes can be placed at the bottom of it behind doors. Coats go to the hangers, hats and caps go to the upper hat-rack. We can get on our shoes sitting comfy. A mirror can be put on its back if there is no space for it elsewhere. It’s practical to order it custom-made for getting the best furniture for the circumstances. An umbrella stand can be placed in any corner. The easy-clean rug provides the transition between inside and outside. A wall shelf is suitable for holding keys, coins and other whatnots.
If we have enough space, a console table is a useful piece of furniture. Used shoes fit under it, whatnots can be put on it and there is enough space beside it for a chair and also the umbrellas.
A shoe cabinet provides place to put things on it, not only for the storing of shoes and home slippers. A wall mounted hanger could be enough accessory for it.
In Hungary the house designs without a hall is rare, in this case we arrive directly in the living room or other frequented room. If this is the situation, don’t be embittered: we can solve it with a folding screen to create a separate place for the arrivers. A hanger and an indoor mat help storing coat and shoes.
Does your hall need a refreshing? Would you like to be proud of the first sight of your home? Ask for help of an interior designer for the makeover.

Paint palette 2.

Mineral-blue hues

Wicker furniture

Warm colored and clssic style wicker furniture perfectly fit into the autumn color palette

Animal protection in interior design

It may sound odd but there is a connection between interior design and animal protection. Many people like animal patterns, skins and motifs but there is always an alternative solution instead of using real materials made of animals. We can meet clients for whom it’s important that their home fulfills the animal protection principles.
Leather is the most commonly used animal material. It has several good characteristics and it is very decorative. Usually we use cow, pig, goat and lamb leather. These animals are slaughtered for their flesh, their skin-utilization is a plus, this way it isn’t waisted neither. Using this kind of leather is not against the animal protection. We can also use poromeric imitation leather instead of a real one. Its look and feel are very similar to real leathers, it breaths also and remains comfortable in heat. The material is polyurethane on textile base. It’s durable and easy to clean. Nowadays market leader textile factories produce lifelike and high-quality printed fabrics in exotic and domestic animal patterns. Exotic looking faux-furs are another good solution. These are high-quality products too and also perfect for upholstery and carpet uses.
Stags and deers shed their antlers in every year. Forestry officials gather them to be sold. These can be used for household or decoration objects looking good in classic interiors. Horns of cattle are also frequently used for this purpose. We can choose objects with similar colors and surfaces instead of real animal origin products. Many factories produce high-quality faux trophies and artificial animal leathers.
For me, not only energy saving and green architecture are important issues, but also the protection of the fauna. An alternative solution can be beautiful, chic and comfortable also, what’s more environmentally friendly.

Medicine cabinets

Stylish batroom medicine cabinet solutions

Pumpkin decor

Special carved pumpkins for autumn decoration


Our antique chairs, armchairs, ottomans and other upholstered furniture that are worn by use, can be the ornament of our home again after a small prettification. If the wooden parts and joints are in good condition and the color of the frame is also adequate, it’s time to reupholstering. Any style of furniture can turn fashionable again by upholstering with a new fabric.
If it is a real antique piece, the job should be done by a professional! The upholstery made using old, forgotten, manual techniques is worth to be restored or changed in the same way. There are many techniques in the history of upholstered furniture that are not in use anymore, for example strung linen bands, horsehair padding and tumbler. These are replaced by foam in modern furniture which can worn out in a couple of years.
The most exciting task is choosing the new fabric. It’s important for the fabric should bear the strain of hard using, it should be thick and dense woven. The fabric shops can help you for choosing one. The pattern and the color of the textile should be fit both to the interior and the furniture! Let’s be brave but keep the character and the history of the object. It doesn’t worth to make an antique piece of furniture garish by an extremely modern upholstery. We can use more fabrics in the case of a sofa or armchairs, the back and the seat can be different. We can choose also different but matching fabrics for the back and the front of an upholstered-back chair. Cushions of a sofa can be also different from the upholstery, rather complementing it. The variations of possibilities and fabrics are almost infinite.
In case of uncertainty, ask for help of an interior designer for furbishing your old upholstered furniture!

Color pairs 8.

Color pairs: grey-red