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Bench beside table

The advanteg of the bench put / built to the dinner table is the more seat in smaller space

Autumn balcony

As days become colder, we spend less and less time on our balcony. Although, a relaxation outside would feel good on nice, sunny autumn weekends, watching color leaves. We still don’t have to pass it up but it needs small preparations.
It is a bit easier in the case of a covered, side protected loggia. Put a thicker cushion on the outdoor chairs. Lay a smaller carpet or even a mat under the chair protecting our feet. A low power heater and a thick blanket can create warmth. If there is a metal table, let’s place a plate mat on it and put a cup of hot chocolate or tea on it, this way it gets cold later. If the rail of the loggia is grilled, so the wind can blow through, let’s cover it from the inner side with a nice fabric or rush. Fix it on several points to keep the wind from playing with it.
In the case of an open balcony, more preparations are needed. It can be made relatively close by fixing a curtain rod on the bottom of the balcony above it, on the sides. Curtain made of any outdoor fabric can be hung on this. Tie the bottom of it to the rail against wind. If there is enough space, the wind can be blocked by tall potted plants (e.g. thuja) also. For those who live on the top floor, it’s worth to install a plastic rain roof. This protects from sunshine and snow also. Anything curtain-like can be fixed to this too. Thick blanket, cushion and hot tea are important accessories here also.
Let’s decorate the balcony/loggia with the colors of autumn. Make garlands from lined crops and color leaves which can be fixed to the rail. Hurricane lamp like candle holders are perfect for outdoor mood lighting. The chair should have arms for bigger comfort and coziness. An outdoor faux-lawn can be laid down which lets through the rain, dries soon and provides the feeling of a garden. Ceramic pumpkins, color harmonizing fabrics, berried branches in a massive vase and warm slippers can help to enjoy the most beautiful experiences of autumn which can be provide by nature.
Ask for help of an interior designer for transforming your balcony for autumn days.

Paint palette 1.

Appetizing colors 🙂

Garden statue

One of the most impressive garden focal points is a well placed statue


Bedding and its cover are important parts of the bedroom considering both the comfort and decoration. That’s why the quality, the color, the pattern is essential.
When we choose the pillow and the duvet, we have to decide what kind of filling we prefer. If we are allergic to feather, don’t need to forget softness and warmth. There are many kinds of antiallergenic fillings, for example cotton, wool, bamboo, linen and foam. Pillows filled with seeds (spelt, sour cherry, millet) are more and more popular.
Pay attention, that the chosen pillow should hold our head and neck perfectly, especially in the case of spine diseases. There are hard, semi-hard and soft versions, their ergonomic form helps to keep a healthy posture during sleeping. Somebody likes big pillows, others like small ones and somebody uses both – consider this before shopping.
It’s practical to buy two duvets, one for warm and one for cold weather. The quilting keeps the light filling at its place. If we prefer eiderdown, take care of regular airing and refreshing of the filling in a couple of years (removing shattered feather and refilling fresh ones).
Cushions are important decoration objects. Pile up pillows on both sides. Cushions can be put on the top of them after covering the bed with bedspread or before, held by them. Finish the line with a bolster or a smaller cushion. Bedspread doesn’t have to cover the whole bed. If it ends at the edge of the duvet, fold back the duvet, this way it gives additional color for the scene and the covers of the pillows also can be seen. In case of a double bed, the beddings are the same in most of the cases, but we don’t have to keep this cliché. If the beddings have different patterns, but in the same colors, the view will be richer.
Main bedroom is used every day, therefore making the bed is a daily routine. But we could amuse our guests with a hotel-room-like guest bedroom. Ask for help of an interior designer for planning.

Color pairs 7.

Color pairs: brown-blue


Old trunks are reborn as coffee tables


In old times, silver tableware, serving dishes, candle holders and decoration objects couldn’t be missing from the household of the nobles. Nowadays many people still own some inherited pieces which are taken out from the dresser only at special events. The silver’s cold, subtile shine (compared to gold) provides more sophisticated, luxurious atmosphere to the table or our complete home.
Frequent usage keeps clean the silver objects, but after a longer storage they might become black. Various chemicals can be bought for cleaning silver (e.g. Sydol) but we can solve the problem with homemade practices also. The combination of kitchen foil-cooking soda-salt-warm water is the most common method. As far as possible, do not scrub the surface, rather soak the object in the liquid. Don’t put them into the dishwasher!
We can look after the authenticity of the inherited silverware by the hallmark. Most of the silver objects were signed, referring to the year, company and place of production, commonly in a less visible part, e.g. inner side of the foot.
Alfenide was a prevalent material in Hungary which was used instead of silver because its production was much cheaper. This is an alloy of nickel, copper and zinc which gives a well-workable material – then the end product was coated with silver. In this case scouring powder shouldn’t be used for cleaning because it scrubs the surface.
Ask for advice of a professional for buying antique silverware or evaluating your own collection. An interior designer can help you with arranging decoratively the silver ornaments and planning a really festive table set.

Knitted accessories

Accessories made of knitted materials are perfect autumn decorations

Door keys

You got a wantless key for your brand new door or wardrobe? Made a qualitative copy matching for classic style instead of it.