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Summer trip memories

Both kids and adults gather many memories during summer trips. There are piles of seashells, pebbles, postcards, maps and other whatnots at home by the end of August. Here are some ideas for displaying the various collections at a decorative way, not to store them only in a box at the bottom of the wardrobe.
The objects belonging to the same trip can be placed in a glass topped wooden box, just like creating a landscape. This can be put on the windowsill or desk but can be hung on the wall also. Write the date and place on the frame to remember it later.
Using a jar is a similar solution. Let’s choose a translucent one without color for making all the small objects well visible. The lid can be painted to any color if we don’t like the original one. Label it with marking the place and date. They will look good on the shelf or on the mantelpiece.
We can group similar objects also independently from the trips. Postcards can be put in a folder but if we would like to see them every day, then rather make them the part of the decoration. Cord, thin wire or color ribbon should be tensed for example above the headboard, maybe under a shelf or on the curtain rod and postcards, photos, napkins or tickets can be fixed on it by clips. An ordinary, framed cork board can be also used, this can be easily made unique by painting. Cards should be pinned on it.
Coffee table or night stand can be purchased or made DIY which has small boxes under the glass top. Small memories should be put in these: minerals, star fish, tiny copies of famous buildings etc. They can be changed to the memories of the new experiences in next year.
Ask for help of an interior designer for decorative displaying of similar collections fit for the interior.

My project 3.

Three montages – three projects:
1. Apartment of a father and son in Budapest
2. Silent shelter of a business woman
3. Kitchen in a bachelor flat

Brick wall inside

The bare brick wall perfectly fits to classic styles

Study nook

September is the beginning of school for every student of any age. It’s practical to create the study nook in time just like to purchase the required tools.
The two of the most important furniture are the desk and the chair. Adult size furniture should be bought for a school-beginner six-years-old kid also, since we have to plan for a long term. The comfortable height of a desk is between 70 and 73 cm. Make sure that it is stable and there is enough free space on the top of the desk for learning – this means at least 55-60 cm depth. If there is superstructure, its size should be added to the depth. The top of the desk shouldn’t be transparent because it disturbs the concentration. Since nowadays the computer is an integral part of learning, in the case of a desk PC there should be separated place for the computer, the monitor and the keyboard also.
The desk should be placed to get proper natural lighting, namely near the window, perpendicular to it as far as possible, for the outer world doesn’t attract the student’s eyes. Table lamp is an essential accessory. As to the lighting, it has to be considered that the light should arrive from the left in the case of a right-handed and from the right in the case of a left-handed pupil.
The ideal work chair is height-adjustable, both the seat and the back is upholstered, it has arms and castors as far as possible for it being comfortable and ergonomic as much as it can be.
The study area needs a cabinet with shelves and storage with drawers for writing materials and other tools. If the room has wooden floor, a smaller carpet should be placed under the chair because it provides more comfortable feeling for the feet.
Ask for help of an interior designer for creating a beautiful, comfortable and functional study nook.

Unique lampshades

Wonderful hand-sewn lampshades in terms of elegance


Turquoise is a happy, cool and juvenal color


I offer this service to all, who don’t want to move to another estate, but the current one seems to be dull – it would be good to rearrange or refresh, anyway, they don’t know how to start, how to get along with the current functional scheme. At the same time, cost effective solution is a must.
Customization practically means, that using the current furniture and ornaments of the owner, I give the experience of a new flat – without the hassle around it.
Of course, if the owner can invest a given amount of money additionally, greater modifications can be also done, such as painting, upholstering, purchasing new decoration items, etc.
After detailed survey of the flat, house or just one room, I will offer the changes necessary. The owner can chose the solution most desirable, which will be implemented together with the owner and his / her friends and family. If only the existing conditions are being used, this takes a short time, maybe a weekend, depending on the size of the flat or house.
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Elegant hen-yard

Exacting chicken hutch in our garden? Yes, it is real!

Window leaf

Aesthetic window leaves: keep out nosy looks but let in light

Color and style advice

People often know that the colors of their homes represent their personalities, but the wide range of color hues can easily become frightening and disturbing.
It’s a fact: colors are the most flexible elements of the look and feel and aesthetics of our home. Flexibility is provided by the thousands of different color hues. A color can connect and align all elements in a given room to each other.
What is not well known, what colors are the best choices for a given room or functionality, and how color hues effect our feelings and behavior.
Of course, unique taste and current fashion can strongly determine the colors to be chosen with pleasure in someone’s home. Anyhow, lots of other aspects should be considered (e.g.: existing and remaining elements, orientation, etc.). Therefore, the choice of a decorator color can be most successfully accomplished with the help of a professional interior designer.
The style of the flat is also important. Most people think, that this has no sense and fully enough to dump lots of objects they like in one place. Harmony of the home can be reached more easily, if objects are grouped by a theme / color / collection or any other dominant element. If anyone has a specific idea of the style, but not sure how to implement it, or just doesn’t know how to give style to the home, an interior designer can help.
After detailed survey of the flat, house or just one room, the possibilities of changing colors or style will be discussed with the owner. As a result of this process, the most optimal combination can be reached. After the consultation, there are two options for the owner to proceed:
– Documentation only
– Common implementation

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