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Coastal style

A waterfront summer house is a regular dream in Hungary as well, not only in the countries having seashores. Many have a small house at one of our nice lakes or rivers. The interiors of these often reflects the location itself. If you cannot afford to buy a waterfront house, or would like to enjoy such an environment all year, you can realize this feeling also in the city as well.
The most simple and popular method for this to use materials and decorations that can be found near the water: ropes, paddles, river pebbles, sail-boat models, etc. By these objects, practically any rooms can be transferred to a waterfront interior. But they can be used for more beyond decoration. E.g. the shower can be covered by small peebles instead of wall tiles, or the picture frames can be made of driftwood or cane, instead of coffee table a ship box can be used.
If we would like to refer to the water more lightly, catching only the mood, we can use colors, fabrics and materials:
From colors, white, sand, grays, water blue, moss green, navy blue and red are the most expressive. For upholstering, carpet and cushion we can use striped textiles displaying the above mentioned colors, or just natural linen. We can even combine them. We can get a couple of braided (willow, rattan, bamboo) chair and table. The banister can be rolled by rope. Ship deck floor and painted wooden panels are ideal solutions.
If you are uncertain or having no idea for a change, ask help from an interior designer to get the feeling of a calm holiday in your home.

Space dividing

Beautiful and functional room screens

Home office

Home offices in classic style

William Morris

„Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” This phrase became proverbial is the main principle of William Morris.
William Morris (1834-1896) was the leader of Arts and Crafts movement. One of the greatest British designer who created among others patterns for wallpapers, wall carpets, embroideries, fabrics and tiles, but he also designed and produced furniture and stained glass objects. The essence of the movement was to create value by bringing back the golden age of craftsmanship, opposed to mechanized mass production. In case of fabrics, he revived the vegetable dyeing techniques. The patterns he designed can be recognized immediately by their bright colors, they are rich and faithfully mimic the flora and fauna as well. He often drew inspiration from the art of the middle ages and the Arthurian legendary.
With his wife, in 1860 they moved to the “Red House” designed for them by Philipp Webb. There he could create and in addition to, he decorated and arranged their home also. The house has slowly filled by his different arts. In 1861 along with some of his friends, he established Morris, Marshall, Faulkner & Co. company, which is still alive today under the name Morris & Co. Fabrics and wallpapers marked with his name still can be ordered, they can be a real focus point of our homes.
These patterns are very powerful, they are leading motifs in an interior. If you are impressed by this art and would like to admire it every day in your home, but you are uncertain because of the strong colors, ask help from an interior designer.

Useful accessories 4.

Useful accessories in the living room

Switches, sockets

Design switches and sockets for the perfect concordance

Floral fabrics

Romantic mood by floral patterns

Inspiration 4.

Interiors inspired by famous movies


Green is gained by mixing two primary color, blue and yellow. By this, we call it a secondary color. Most of the people consider it as a neutral, calm color. Its complementary is red.
According to physiological effect, green calms down, balances, relaxes the eye, therefore it is frequently applied in medical institutes and schools. We associate it with nature, life, it gives the feeling of free space. In symbolism, green is allocated to development, maturity, eternal life, but also to inexperience, jealousy and anger. Green is used for free, permissive signals.
Green can be cold and warm depending on the rate of blue and yellow. In interior design, it is a perfect background for strong, vivid colors. Can be applied in all rooms bravely, mainly the lighter hues. Combined with white, cream and brown, a classic, elegant interior can be resulted. Hues with more yellow provides freshness and happiness into the view. Perfect color for garden facilities (e.g. shed, swing, arbor frame structure) to hide them among the surrounding vegetation.
Feng shui assigns green to wood element. The color of the Jin, the female side. Associated to the 4th chakra (heart).
In business life nowadays it is used for advertising bio products and extensively used also by ecological and environment friendly companies. This is the color of money as well.
This is an extremely versatile color, for getting a cozy green interior, ask help from a color advisor.


Laundry room

A laundry room can be fastidious also